The Galaxy

    313 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

    • Hot Desks $1,500.00 pp/m

    • Private Offices $3,600.00 pp/m

    • Private Offices $4,800.00 pp/m

    • Private Offices $5,500.00 pp/m


    Located in Kwai Hing, a fast evolving industrial area, the business centre is a coworking space best suited for people in the creative industry including production, photography, media, broadcasting, design, etc. In terms of interior design, the coworking space resembles a loft. There are many industrial features like high ceiling, abundant spaces and a big yellow container. There is also a brand new production studio with all necessary equipment and technical staff for our members to do photo, video and product shooting.

    A new lifestyle cafe will also be added right next to the coworking space. The space in this location offers more affordable pricing while it is still within 30 minutes ride to central business district and mainland China.


    • *Split Type Aircon
    • Phone Lines
    • *Outdoor Terrace


    The Galaxy-Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

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