Coworking Space at Smart A

    352 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

    4 min - Sung Wong Toi MTR Exit B2

    • Private Offices $138.00 pp/d


    • Kowloon City area
    • Designed for students for remote workers 
    • 3 different work zones


    Conveniently situated near Sung Wong Toi MTR Station in Kowloon City, this collaborative coworking space is specifically designed for students and remote workers. It offers a quiet area that provides a peaceful and distraction-free environment. Additionally, there is a cozy chill area where you can work or study with soft music playing in the background, allowing you to have quiet conversations without disturbing others. This space is perfect for casual meet-ups, Zoom calls, or studying with partners. Furthermore, there is a discussion area, which serves as an open space for groups to engage in productive discussions and generate innovative ideas together. The coworking space also features a fully-equipped meeting room, ideal for private conversations, meetings, consultations, or any other purpose. Whether you are working on a group project, receiving private tutoring, or conducting a business meeting, this coworking space caters to all your needs.


    • *Common Lounge Area
    • *Complimentary Refreshments
    • *High-speed secure Wi-Fi
    • *Meeting Rooms
    • *Printers
    • *Reception Service


    Smart A-Kowloon City, Hong Kong