Hong Kong's Top Coworking Spaces With Large Global Network 2024

    Coworking lounge at Spaces (© Spaces)

    Are you tired of working from Starbucks or hotel lounges when you travel? Whether you're on a business trip or traveling for leisure, it can be frustrating to find a suitable space for online meetings or to simply get some work done on your computer with stable, high speed Wi-Fi. If you're facing the same issue, you've come to the right place!

    Coworking spaces with a large global network are the answer to the modern professional's quest for flexibility. Regardless of whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker, these spaces allow you to choose where and when you work, adapting to your ever-changing schedule. It’s time to embrace the dynamic of a different work environment.

    We have thoughtfully curated a list of coworking spaces in Hong Kong that provide multiple locations access. From Tokyo to London and New York, these spaces have extensive networks for different needs and preferences. Find out how these workspaces provide flexible and convenient solutions for individuals on the move, and learn how their network can incorporate your travel plans. Say hello to a more productive and enjoyable work experience, no matter where you are.

    The Trend Of Multi-Locations Coworking

    In the last few years, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the coworking industry worldwide. As the world faced restrictions and implemented social distancing measures, the demand for traditional office spaces decreased, as corporates are turning to coworking providers for cost-effective and flexible workspaces. Especially for multinational businesses who used to occupy large floors in the most expensive areas like Central in Hong Kong, it is obvious that many of them are downsizing their offices. 

    Moreover, to adapt the evolving work patterns resulting from the pandemic, Coworking space providers introduced hybrid models and flexible membership options. This allowed professionals to choose the most suitable work environment, whether it be from home, a dedicated office space, or any of the provider's locations. Flexible memberships provided the freedom to scale up or down as needed, acting as cost-effective solutions for businesses during uncertain times.

    Why You Need Coworking Spaces With Multi-Locations Access

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    In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, professionals are seeking flexible solutions that can adapt to their dynamic needs. Before we introduce the top-rated coworking spaces with multi-locations access, let's discuss why these versatile workspaces are an essential addition to your business.

    First and foremost, coworking spaces with a larger global network provide an unparalleled level of flexibility and freedom. No longer confined to a single office, you have the liberty to work from a number of locations. Whether it's in the centre of London and New York, or even while you're on the move, these spaces provide a professional set up for you to work. 

    Furthermore, these spaces foster increased networking opportunities. By having access to multiple locations, you expand your network and have the chance to connect with professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds. Through the community, you can share ideas, and potentially collaborate with like-minded individuals. Many coworking spaces promote networking by hosting different events, leading to valuable partnerships and business opportunities.

    Another key advantage is the productivity boost. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to provide a conducive work environment. From high-speed internet and ergonomic workstations to well-equipped meeting rooms and private pods, the infrastructure and amenities are geared towards optimizing productivity. By having the same setup in every location, you don’t need to waste time on things like setting up Wi-Fi and downloading new apps to make meeting room bookings. You can work in a familiar environment which helps you focus on your work.

    Last but not least, these spaces allow you to maintain a professional image, giving you instant credibility. Many multi-location coworking spaces are strategically located in prime business districts such as Central and Admiralty in Hong Kong, giving you access to prestigious business addresses without the high costs associated with traditional office leases. 

    Top Coworking Spaces with Multiple Locations Access In Hong Kong 

    We have curated a list of coworking spaces in Hong Kong that offer multiple locations access. Let’s find out their global network and their unique offerings.


    Coworking lounge at WeWork (© WeWork)

    If you've been keeping up with the coworking space industry, chances are you’ve heard of WeWork. Despite their significant rise and fall in the past few years, they are here to stay. With a strong global presence, WeWork has revolutionized the way professionals work and collaborate. Whether you're in Hong Kong or any other part of the world, they ensure a consistent experience across all their locations, providing a seamless and familiar environment.

    At WeWork, you'll find a wide range of amenities and services designed to support your workday. Their six Hong Kong locations offer professional office spaces with soundproof phone booths for private conversations, well-equipped meeting rooms and even large event venues. Standard essentials such as high-speed internet, unlimited coffee and beverages, and convenient printing services are also provided.

    With a network to hundreds of locations around the globe, mainly in major cities like New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, you have the flexibility to choose the spaces that best fit your work requirements. Whether you want to be close to your client, or need a workspace during business trips, they got you covered.

    To enhance convenience and efficiency, they have a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to access their coworking spaces, book meeting rooms, and manage your membership. With just a few taps on your phone, you can streamline your experience and focus on your work without any hassle.

    For those who travel frequently between Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, consider the WeWork Pass (Greater China and Hong Kong) as your gateway to flexible workspace solutions. With a monthly membership starting from just HK$2,650, this membership grants you access to 80+ WeWork locations in 12 cities, from Beijing, Shanghai to Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Help your business grow by reducing operational costs while maintaining productivity. Embrace the freedom and convenience of WeWork Pass, and fulfil the needs of different work scenarios to create your distributed offices. 

    Spaces - IWG

    Coworking lounge at Spaces (© Spaces)

    With the rise of the popularity of coworking spaces that feature a collaborative work environment, IWG launched Spaces to compete with the likes of Wework. With sophisticated European-designed spaces, convenient access, professional events and hospitality services, Spaces provides forward-thinkers, innovators and game-changers dynamic workspaces with a unique and entrepreneurial spirit. 

    At Spaces’ six locations in Hong Kong, they offer everything from super-fast Wi-Fi and printing services, to mail handling and a friendly reception team. The workspaces are thoughtfully furnished with modern and comfortable furniture for daily working and casual client meetings. You can even bring up to one guest, free of charge. 

    On top of that, they offer versatile meeting rooms and boardrooms to cater to various occasions, for example, workshops, seminars, networking events, and more. The team is also active in hosting different seminars and networking events for their community, keeping up with the latest trend and promotes collaborations.

    As part of the IWG network, Spaces offers its members access to thousands of workspaces worldwide. IWG, the world's largest flexible workspace provider, encompasses renowned brands such as Regus, Signature, HQ, and more. It is worth noting that their business lounges are specifically designed to accommodate drop-in use as you travel, equipped with high-speed internet, snacks, and comfortable furniture. These lounges can be found not only in city centres but also in major airports, train stations, service stations, and business parks.

    With a Spaces Coworking Membership, you gain entry to 180+ Spaces Business Clubs and 3,000+ Regus Business Lounges globally, from Paris, London to Singapore and Dubai. For just HK$3,280 per month, enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and Wi-Fi at these locations. Plus, the dual access to both Spaces and Regus is unique for Spaces Coworking Membership, since the Regus's one does not grant access to Spaces facilities.

    The Executive Centre

    Coworking lounge at The Executive Centre (© The Executive Lounge)

    With an extensive network in Asia Pacific, The Executive Centre is a premium coworking space that targets ambitious professionals and industry leaders who are looking for a place for their businesses to thrive. They offer prestigious addresses with the advanced infrastructure for their members to pre-empt, meet, and grow.

    Located in the heart of Hong Kong's major business districts, including Central, Admiralty and Quarry Bay, The Executive Centre offers state-of-the-art coworking spaces equipped with phone booths, ergonomic workstations, and complimentary refreshments and barista bars to keep you fuelled throughout the day. What’s more, their large function rooms, lounges and outdoor terraces, can accommodate events from product showcases, casual gatherings to formal cocktail parties.

    When it comes to their network, The Executive Centre offers over 180 locations in 33 cities, with majority in Asia Pacific region, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, New Delhi, as well as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. They have also expanded to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and planning to grow further. Use their user-friendly MyTEC mobile app to book office spaces and meeting rooms anytime. You can also check your mail through MyMail, and join the TEC Community™ events.

    The Executive Centre provides different coworking memberships to meet different needs. With the Global Pass, you gain access not only to their coworking spaces in Hong Kong but also to all their global locations from HK$6,000 per month. For those who mainly travel with Greater China area, consider the Greater China Pass, a new membership that allows you to visit across their elevated coworking spaces in Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong. Furthermore, their City Pass give you access to all centres city-wide from HK$4,000 per month. So, whether you’re looking to meet your clients or just need a workspace when you travel, you can trust The Executive Centre for a consistent premier experience wherever you go.

    Choosing A Coworking Space With Multi-locations Access

    Multi-locations coworking spaces offer plenty of benefits for today's dynamic professionals. The ability to work seamlessly across different cities and countries adds an extra layer of flexibility and productivity. 

    Coworking spaces, including those mentioned above, provide convenience and connectivity that empower professionals to break free from the constraints of traditional office environments. Whether it's collaborating with a global team, exploring new markets, or simply enjoying a change of scenery, multi-locations coworking spaces open doors to endless possibilities. Access to consistent, professional workspaces allows members to focus on their core operations even when they’re on the go.

    Flexibility is key in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work landscape. With multi-locations access, professionals can seize opportunities across borders and thrive in a globalized world. The opportunities to collaborate and grow with a diverse, international network are why many flexible workspace providers are actively building their communities. 

    When choose a coworking space, ensure they are aligned with your goals and work style. Factors such as location, amenities, event spaces, and community support should be taken into consideration. By selecting the right space, professionals can optimize their productivity, connect with like-minded individuals and find inspiration within a vibrant and inclusive community.